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Achieve optimal health information exchange with integrated data platforms

With data silos and fragmented systems, gaining the full value of health information exchange (HIE) can be difficult. With the right data aggregation software and analytics, you can remove obstacles, support interoperability, and contribute to better clinical outcomes.

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Improve Community-Wide Care with Meaningful Data Insights
Learn how scalable, proven interoperability solutions can help you coordinate care and streamline communication.
A Strong Foundation for Better Healthcare
Secure and efficient exchange of data is critical to quality patient care. Mirth Health Data Hub empowers healthcare organizations to exchange patient data seamlessly, so clinicians have the information they need when every minute counts.
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Experience the benefits of integrated healthcare data platforms
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Aggregate patient information
Exchange, normalize, and aggregate community-wide data with a robust data platform that provides a wide display of patient records. Meet the demands of HIEs, hospitals, and large ambulatory practices.
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Enhance clinical data
Bring information together across the complex healthcare system to achieve a consolidated clinical view of patients, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and better respond to the evolving demands of value-based care.
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Integrate data analytics
Simplify data access, report generation, and analytics. Leverage Snowflake tools and services, integrate data visualization and business intelligence tools, and create customized data models, views, and calculations.
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Gain rapid implementation
Manage interface channels to get your data sources and automated workflows launched in weeks.
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Achieve secure data exchange
Easily create interfaces and exchange health information from within the clinical workflow and at the point of care.
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Realize easier patient identification
Integrate and aggregate data from different sources to match and identify patients and build more robust longitudinal records.

We needed a modern, cloud-based technology stack backed by a seasoned executive team, along with an experienced delivery and operations team. It was imperative that this new and reputable solution would scale with us as we connected new providers and practices.

Carmen Hughes, MBA
Executive Director HI-BRIDGE Solutions and HI-BRIDGE HIE


Advantages of integrated data platforms

A doctor viewing patient data on a tablet computer
Secure data exchange
Quickly create interfaces, specifying the type of message you receive or send, using our template-driven channel architecture.
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Enhanced clinical data
Bring information together across the complex healthcare system to improve outcomes, reduce costs, create an ongoing patient record, overcome health information exchange challenges, and better respond to the evolving demands of value-based care.
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Integrated MPI
Access comprehensive, customizable views of each patient index that links the right patient to the right data.
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Customizable chart views
Personalize the patient summary and clinical cards so your users can access critical information at the point of care.
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Integrated data
Aggregate and integrate physical, behavioral, and social health data to maximize its value in improving health outcomes in your community.
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