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Make data available, interoperable, and useful at the point of care

Physicians and other clinical providers need access to complete patient information and insights for better-informed treatment decisions. The right technology facilitates this and makes it easy to understand the most important aspects of a patient’s healthcare at a glance.

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Optimize data integration
Disparate systems, fragmented connectivity, and regulatory changes contribute to interoperability challenges. With NextGen Healthcare, your organization can reduce integration complexity and deliver data essential for optimal decision making.
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Gain actionable intelligence
To thrive in a transforming marketplace, healthcare leaders need meaningful analytics and actionable intelligence to better operate their businesses and serve patients. Empower administrators and clinical providers to examine clinical, financial, claims, and patient-derived data critical for generating better outcomes.
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Transform data into insight
Enable your care team to gain insights into a patient’s health with clinical content management, connectivity, security, and data access. Obtained at the right time, within the right workflow, this timely information can help save lives.
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Support value-based care
Meet the challenges of value-based care. Gain a clear view of your patient population with aggregated, multi-source data and an easy-to-navigate visual display. Use insights from population health data to better manage chronic conditions, improve patient outcomes, and lower costs.
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Achieve optimal health information exchange
With data silos and fragmented systems, it can be hard to gain the full value of health information exchange (HIE). With the right data aggregation software and analytics, you can remove these obstacles, support interoperability, and contribute to better clinical outcomes.
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Realize your interoperability goals
Physicians and other clinical providers can face barriers when they need vital patient data at the point of care. The right technology can overcome these challenges with secure, scalable, cost-effective, and configurable healthcare interoperability solutions.


Advantages of an Insights Solution

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Facilitate data access
Streamline patient information exchange to efficiently integrate and move data across systems, locations, and your community.
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Aggregate patient information
Exchange, normalize, and aggregate community-wide data with a robust healthcare data platform.
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Enhance clinical data
Bring information together across the complex healthcare system to achieve a consolidated clinical view of patients, improve outcomes, reduce costs, and better respond to the evolving demands of value-based care.
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Integrate data analytics
Simplify data access and analytics. Integrate data visualization and business intelligence tools, as well as create customized data models, views, and calculations.
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Gain real-time insights
Automatically access relevant patient information from various third-party sources, such as paid claims and lab results, to augment information from the EHR. Deliver this information in a clear format to clinicians at the point of care.
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“If we didn’t have our partners send data to NextGen Population Health, probably two-thirds of the ADTs that we follow up on would not be possible. We’d never be able to incorporate this vital information into the patient’s care.”
Sheldon Bogos , PMP, MBA
Director, Information Technology and Compliance
Bridges Healthcare Partners
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